For a long time, science fictions associate robots with war, they are the weapons of massive destruction. This is not true, look at the world we’re living in right now, we are more lethal than those fictional robots. Actually, we are like robots made of more advance technology and complex systems, however, easily corrupted through the influence of money and power. We often cover our selfish scams with sugar coated moral values. We are too complicated to understand either scientifically or philosophically. On the other hand, a cybernetic robot is much easier to understand. They are simple, do one thing at a time and never complicate things. Robots can be romantic, robots can be more loyal than the dog next door, all they ask for is a wall plug or a few charged 9V batteries. Facing such a simple machine, it makes us simple too, less defense and calculation, more love and secure. LET'S MAKE ROBOT NOT WAR!
so here's my ROROBOTAN , ROROBOTAN was a friendly robot who show up when the world in Danger, and when our hearts need some love.


Unknown said...

Thanks for your design!

I shared this paper craft at my collection blog: ROROBOTAN Free Robot Papercraft