Attabone Kamen Rider

yeess!!finally i've just finished my Atta boy custom papertoy, this papertoy i made for a custom papertoy contest, the winner will receive 24 shirts american apparel in their on chosen design and different colours, i think having 24 in different colours would be awesome. OK my custom is inspired from my favorite japanesse childhood heroes movie black kamen rider and one of my favorite character in starwars Episode 1, Sith Darth Maul..from those 2 inspired character i made this papertoy, and i call it Attabone Kamen Rider :D, so wish me luck guys, it will be awesome if i win this contest.
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you can download here


Unknown said...

Love it... real simple, and yet not. Beautiful design.

DiKids said...

thanks for the comment, yup i like to making a simply design :)